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How Can You Know You’re Marketing Your Search Firm To Win In The C-Suite?

    Are you getting invited to top C-Suite Shootouts?

      Struggling using Linkedin to set up calls with Key Decision Makers?

   Does your Client Base think of you as only doing Contingency?    

   Do you lack the High Level Retained Brand to Compete?

  You can’t break into the C-Suite Market?

   Do you lack Best Practices to Win Large Accounts?



The Language You Deploy Will Either Attract or Repel C-Suite Clients.

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About Your Host: Jeff Christian

Jeff knows what it's like to be stuck on the mid-level hamster wheel because that is where he started. Jeff built his own firm to $100 million in revenue, billed $15 million a year personally. He found CEOs and Board Members for some of the most powerful companies like HP and Apple.

But What he is most proud of, is the lives he has impacted of all those who have started their own high-end retained executive search firm as a result of his mentoring and teachings.

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Will this work for my search business?

If you are willing to learn a new language and replace transaction behavior with Consultative Value Based interaction the Revenue Pipelines you create will work for you. It doesn't matter if you are a sole practitioner, a mid-level retained search firm or a Major Global Search Firm. These core Best Practices and Rapid Relationship Builders can be deployed by any Search Professional to grow their business to higher levels.


What's Inside the Course?

  • Over 30 Transformational Videos
  • 100 Page Downloadable Workbook
  • C-Suite Revenue Pipelines
  • The Language of C-Suite Search
  • Weekly Two Hour Live Sessions 
  • The Linkedin Client Builder
  • Jeff Christian’s Secrets to Multi Million Dollar Billing
  • Exclusive Access to Additional Videos and Resources

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One C-Suite Revenue Pipeline or Relationship Accelerator From This Course Can Win Major Revenue



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