Remote Recruiter Full 6 Month Length Pack - $3995

Get The Full 6 Months of Remote Recruiter - Survive/Thrive Global Recession for 33% off the regular Price.

Start Date: Friday, June 5th, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm ET

Every month Remote Recruiter offers the following

  • 1.5 hours Live Engaged to C-Suite Fully Retained Training a week
  • 36 Hours Live Training
  • 10 Hours Video Training Modules
  • PDF Training Modules for each session
  • C-Suite/Large Strategic Account Training Modules
  • Recession Proof Target Markets
  • CHRO/CEO/PE + VC Guest SPeakers
  • Live Q&A
  • Hosted Chat Rooms

Normal Course Price $5,000 Per Month - Now Only Per $665 Per Month When Buying the $3995 Package

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John Sculley

Ex-CEO Apple

"The things I like most about Jeff is he’s innovative and he gets things done himself. He knows how to work the network and the relationships that he’s built up and I’ve always been so impressed with the quality of people he’s been able to surface"

Chris Arnold

CEO - CA Partners

"I have owned an MRI office for 20+ years. Have always wanted to do Retained Search in the C-Suite. With Jeff's Mentoring and Training Modules I have gone from running a desk to working with CEOs, Board Members, Venture Capitalists/Private Equity Partners in the fastest growing area within my sector, Digital Health."

Simon Clark

Head of Global Talent Acquisition, SoftBank

"Jeff is a business partner who provides outstanding leadership in helping & mentoring our firm to establish & grow its sales, strategic growth plans. The success of our firm [was] partly down to Jeff's contributions. I highly recommend Jeff & team."