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The Multi-Million Dollar Biller Masters Course - Exclusive Deal

Course Overview 

In the Multi-Million Dollar Biller Masters Course, Jeff Christian teaches you and your firm how to rise from where you are today, to enjoying a Recognized Brand, and performing at the highest levels of Retained Executive Search.

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Course Modules:

  1. The Winning Mindset to Win Top Searches 

Teaches the ability to possess the right Mindset to be a strategic talent confidant to CEOs, C-Suite Executives, and Board Members. Jeff will tell how his mindset won the biggest CEO Search and most of Apple's work at 27. Jeff will outline the exact steps to take to become a well recognized and respected Highest Level Retained Search Professional by Key Decision Makers in the markets you serve. 

  1. Revenue Branding Platform

Jeff shows how he built his firm into the High Tech Market Leader in CEO/Board Search. You will learn how to build a major recognized brand and “Follow the Money” Precision Client Targeting that allows you to win your Highest Probability Retained Clients and Strategic Talent Partnerships.

  1. The Perfect New Client Call

Jeff teaches the techniques that allowed him, after only one 15 minute call with the CEO of Cisco, to be invited in and win a  $2 million a year Global Account. You will learn the exact consultative language that will begin to earn Strategic Talent Confidant status and “Search Discovery” in the first 15 minutes of a new potential client call. 

  1. Rapid Partner Builder/ Referred Revenue Pipelines 

Jeff shares the most powerful and proprietary techniques he has used to collapse the time for 100s to become Multi-Million Dollar Billers in Executive Level Retained Search. Learn how to build Referred Revenue Pipelines and the most effective Client Engagement Tools.

  1. Advanced Relationship Building/Solving the Search to Win a Search 

You have already learned one of the most difficult things in search…. earning the trust, by proving unique value, to be the first to learn a CEO or C-Suite Executive’s next key Executive Search Need. This lesson shows that enabling the client’s agenda is more important than enabling your own by displaying unique leadership solutions. Discover new advanced methodologies you will use to win a Top Search by Solving the Search Technique. 

  1. Delivering the Industry’s Best Practices Wins the Best Work 

Learn how to deploy Best Practices in Search Execution.  Jeff teaches how to create intensely loyal clients that know you will always provide the most advanced innovations in leadership solutions. 

  1. Mid Level to Executive Level Retained Search

We can’t tell how many Search Professionals have come to us that have spent their entire career trying to break out of mid-level Search to the Executive Level. Mid-level work is disappearing fast and going to internal corporate search groups. Jeff will teach you how to build Revenue Pipelines everywhere. He will teach how to use current contacts to move up to a higher level of work. You will also learn how to go after the fastest growing and hottest markets to win new higher-level work. 

  1. Winning Clients Against Any and All Objections 

How many times have all hopes of a new client disappear when a Key Decision Maker says; “ we do all our Big Searches with one firm” or “ You will need to work with HR. Those have never been obstacles to Jeff, and he will show you the exact methods to win work no matter what the obstacle. Jeff will teach you how he turned top HR introductions into his biggest advocates giving him all their Retained Search to the tune of millions of dollars a year. 

  1. Stop Selling and Start Solving 

Learn how to remove all transactional behavior and replace it with Client-Centric Solutions Behavior.  Learn to build lasting relationships with top leaders who look to you as their number one source for leadership talent, by being different and unique in everything you do. Learn to create the “ Ah Ha Moments” that surprise Potential Clients and immediately differentiate you from everybody else. Learn how to demonstrate Honesty is truly the Best Policy and that the more value you give Clients, the more you will receive.

  1. VP to the C-Suite and Above and Talent Asset Management 

A large percentage of our clients come to us after many years of attempting to break into the C-Suite and above. They have a good practice and are well liked by their clients but are rarely considered for the top work. Jeff brings all the techniques and methods together and adds a few special new processes he used specifically to be invited to top CEO/Board shootouts. Jeff will teach how he uses Talent Asset Management to help CEOs and Boards manage talent as a primary asset for ROI while recognizing him as the best leadership expert to do their C-Suite and CEO work.


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