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What is a Revenue Brand?

A Revenue Brand is the platform of your Revenue Branding Strategy that allows you to be perceived by your client base and the markets you serve the way you want to be perceived. Your Revenue Brand is loud, heard above the noise, and differentiates you a credible higher level Retained Search Professional. whether you are contingency going to mid-level retained or mid-level retained wanting to work in the C-suite, your Revenue Brand distinguishes you in a unique way to compel Revenue at higher levels than you work today.

Is there a deadline to watch all of your Masters Course videos, and can I watch them more than once?

You can watch the course from anywhere in your own time. You have complete access to all the videos at the end of the 10-week course plus the bonus videos, for two years from the end of the course date. You can watch them as many times and in any order that you want. Because you will be learning the language of C-suite Consultative Retained Search and Rapid Relationship Building, you may want to watch a video multiple times in order to begin using them immediately to win new higher level search work.

Will this work for my search business ?

If you are willing to learn a new language and replace transaction behavior with Consultative Value Based interaction the Revenue Pipelines you create will work for you. It doesn't matter if you are a sole practitioner, a mid-level retained search firm or a Major Global Search Firm. These core Best Practices and Rapid Relationship Builders can be deployed by any Search Professional to grow their business to higher levels.

I watched the 7 Habits Course and know of your success , but if I can't get through to top decision-makers by leaving phone messages how can I use what you teach me?

The days are gone when you could simply leave a message regarding a high-level search and expect a return phone call from a potential client. Everything happening on LinkedIn and you have to become a master at LinkedIn warm lead generation. MMB Masters Course includes an entire series of lessons on Rapid Linkedin Client Building when combined with our Referred Revenue Pipelines, all your calls can be scheduled and welcomed.

How can I justify the cost?

Our One on One Masters Courses client’s have invested anywhere between 100k to 200k to learn the language of C-Suite Search, our Rapid Relationship Builders and the knowledge in this course. When we decided to offer our Multi Million Dollar Biller Masters Course, online, we wanted to make it affordable for most in search. Depending on where you are starting that could be winning two Mid-Level Retained 75k Searches or just one 150k Retained C-Suite Search. We have seen many clients double their revenues implementing multiple Revenue Pipelines and mastering Linkedin Client Building. Most clients have never done any Target Marketing, built a loud differentiating Brand Message, or had a true strategic marketing plan. Still, If you could even find a marketing firm that understood C-Suite Retained Search, you could easily pay 50-100k just for the Branding and Target Marketing solutions we create for you. It’s a great investment.

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