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Our Philosophy

Whoever has the best talent wins, and everyone is looking for the best talent. This simple truth has enabled a market for almost $500 Billion globally, which is Very underserved. We believe in empowering individuals with domain expertise to provide the best solutions to clients in the realm of Talent Asset Management.


About Jeff

Jeff Christian is considered one of the top 5 search consultants in the world. He has generated and billed over $500 million in Retained Search and has been named to the Forbes Midas List of the top 50 most influential dealmakers for 4 years. He has placed managers in thousands of companies, ranging from IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple to e-commerce companies such as Lycos and Netscape. Focusing on CEO, Board member, and senior-level executive search and selection, his clients span high-profile early-stage companies to the Fortune 500.


Who we Serve

We at Jeff Christian & Co believe in democratizing the tools and solutions that lead to retained executive search success. We have consolidated the best practices that enabled Jeff to win the biggest shootouts and have success throughout his career. We then streamline these solutions to firms looking to 

  1. Grow their existing retained search business
  2. Move into a high-end retained executive search market from a contingent market
  3. Start a retained executive search firm

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Learn the exact steps to becoming a multi-million dollar retained search professional.


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