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Top 10 Hot Tech Leadership Jobs for 2021 32% Increase in demand in 2021 over 2020

In 2020 we saw an emergence of a new economy on top of an already tight talent market. As a result, demand for tech leadership will continue to increase during 2021.


According to a study by Jeff Christian Partners based on conversations with over 100 tech leaders and recruiters, 2021 we will see a 32% increase in demand for Top Tech Leadership over 2020.


Jeff Christian states “The hottest leadership job for 2021 is the Chief Information and Security Officer (CISO). With corporations of every size and market struggling to defend themselves from a multitude of potential cyber threats, there exists a huge shortage of experienced cyber leaders.”


Jeff continues, “Since we started Top 10 Hot Jobs over 30 years ago, the Start-Up CEO has most often made our list. This year, it has been replaced by the Chief Product Officer. As all companies intensify their pursuit of delivering precisely to their customer needs, we see demand for Chief Product Officers...

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