What if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Had To Compete For Data Analytic Talent

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

It is an entirely different world than when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs competed for the best talent as a core strategy in building their companies.

Both invested the majority of their recruiting, developing and retaining talent in the early days. Bill retained our firm and several other top tech recruiters to recruit the very best software talent.

Bill competed directly with us as he did the same thing we did every day making him the highest paid recruiter in world history.

However, if they were recruiting for Data Scientists in today's market they would have found it significantly different and a talent centric business model may not have been enough to build an Apple or a Microsoft.

First off their are not big corporations with below average compensation like Xerox, IBM and DEC to recruit out of. There are not any big attractive source companies full of data analytic talent.

Secondly they didn't have every large corporations in every market that place these type hires as their highest priority.

Thirdly they didn't have to confront a more populated venture capital industry eager to back hundreds of attractive startups.

The days of the "talent grab" may be over.


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