How Search Firms Can Gain Market Share by Sharing Knowledge

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

Prior to launching Talent Asset Management allowing clients to manage Talent as a primary asset we struggled with how to compete against and differentiate from our larger Global Competitors.

At the time we were a $15 million retained search firm, the leaders in tech but unable to gain the most prized global accounts and Top CEO/Board work. We were soon to be the fastest growing search firm. #ceos

We began architecting components of Talent Asset Management while looking for ways to keep our single Global Account, HP. HP's needs directed solution segmentation that soon drove the completion of a suite of differentiating solutions we packaged, branded and brought to Cisco, winning us that account. #branding

We created a training module for this value driven solution and added it to what we now call our "Biller's Black Book" and were soon landing additional Global Accounts like Adobe,F5 Networks and Apple.

First in a series on:
•Search Firm Branded Differentials
• Building Million Dollar Plus Billers
• Matching Client Needs to Solutions


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