Top 10 Hot Tech Leadership Jobs for 2021 32% Increase in demand in 2021 over 2020

In 2020 we saw an emergence of a new economy on top of an already tight talent market. As a result, demand for tech leadership will continue to increase during 2021.


According to a study by Jeff Christian Partners based on conversations with over 100 tech leaders and recruiters, 2021 we will see a 32% increase in demand for Top Tech Leadership over 2020.


Jeff Christian states “The hottest leadership job for 2021 is the Chief Information and Security Officer (CISO). With corporations of every size and market struggling to defend themselves from a multitude of potential cyber threats, there exists a huge shortage of experienced cyber leaders.”


Jeff continues, “Since we started Top 10 Hot Jobs over 30 years ago, the Start-Up CEO has most often made our list. This year, it has been replaced by the Chief Product Officer. As all companies intensify their pursuit of delivering precisely to their customer needs, we see demand for Chief Product Officers increasing over 40% from 2020 as more boards add this role.”


Here are our Top 10 Hot Tech Leadership Jobs for 2021:

  1. Chief Information and Security Officer-CISO
    Even before the most recent Russian cyber attack on our government and corporations, the demand for Chief Info + Security Officers significantly outstripped supply. We can expect 2021 to be a year of fierce competition for leaders that have the experience and cyber savvy to keep their companies free from attack.


  1. Chief Product Officer
    A new role that is quickly becoming the most important leadership position next to the CEO, as every company in every market looks to get closer to the end-user, The Chief Product Officer lives and breathes customer needs delivering new products and solutions to markets  changing at hyper speed.


  1. Chief Revenue Officer
    In 2020 we saw companies of all sizes struggling to maintain sales growth with a remote workforce. The title VP of Sales has almost completely disappeared as the role has been elevated to one of greater strategic and tactical importance


  1. Remote CEO/Leadership
    The role of CEO has changed dramatically over the last year. We began the year as normal but soon enough, CEOs of startups to large global corporations, had to learn to manage remotely. In 2021 we will see many new CEOs required to have significant expertise/experience successfully leading diverse remote organizations.


  1. The Woman Board Member.
    In 2021 we will continue to see demand for women directors rise significantly beyond their male counterparts. This demand is no longer driven just by the need for more diverse governance. Boards are beginning to recognize that more women directors equals higher performing companies.

  2. Chief Data Officer.
    The hottest IT job is the Chief Data Officer. The CDO not only has to be an expert in data science, but they must also understand how data drives their specific industry sector/company and know how to attract and retain some of the hottest and rarest talent in the world.

  3. Chief Technology Officer.
    When we first started doing CTO searches for tech companies like Adobe and HP, the CTO was responsible for overall tech strategy and R&D for new products and solutions. IT demands as well as advancing core technology exists for every large company in every industry today. In 2021 the CTO will continue to become more strategic for every business.

  4. Chief Diversity Officer
    With diversity becoming mainstream and following the lead of large global corporations, we will see these same efforts expanding to companies of all sizes including PE and VC enterprises. As a result, the Chief Diversity Officer will become much more prevalent elevating the importance of fully diverse workforces for the right reasons.

  5. Executive Chairman.
    The trend towards companies having an Executive Chairman will continue in 2021. The role provides the opportunity to have two strong CEOs at the top. The tendency to have a Chief Operating Officer working for the CEO is less prevalent. We can expect to see more Founders of early-stage to fast-growth companies moving to as Executive Chairman as their VC/PC Boards seek to strengthen leadership at the top.

  6. PE Operating Partners. The operating partner used to be considered house cats at VC/PE firms waiting for a deal to be the CEO. Today Operating Partners have become some of the most sought after leaders in the world. As more and more mega PE funds are raised, partners have less and less time to devote to driving high-performance within their portfolio companies. As a result, in 2021 we will see continued fierce competition for highly successful operating executives that can help improve operational performance.


Jeff Christian Partners is the world leader in talent equity search, combining extraordinary leadership, market intel and capital in the building of great companies.

Jeff Christian is the author of "The Headhunters Edge" and founder of Christian and Timbers and has been named for four years on the Forbes Midas List. A frequent guest on CNBC, Christian is the recognized leader in search, having completed the first CEO search for HP, Steve Jobs' last two board searches and securing CEOs for F5 Networks, WebMD and Upwork.


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