10 Traits of Transformational CEOs

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CLEVELAND, April 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jeff Christian, CEO of RevenueNOW -- The ONLY company delivering ensured rapid revenue growth -- is possibly a transformational CEO himself. Dr. Tom Janz, one of the foremost experts in behavioral assessment, co-founder of RevenueNOW (and LeadershipNOW), states "In working with Jeff over the past nine months I have concluded that his achievements around transforming the search industry, building transformational startup companies that turned into category leaders, and starting non-profits that transformed educational and recovery institutions -- would be more than enough to qualify him as a transformational CEO. We will know for sure when Transformational LABS completes The Presidents of the United States Transformational Assessment that we are committed to completing over the next two weeks."

According to Christian and Janz, the top 10 traits exhibited by transformational CEOs are:

  1. Honesty and integrity. "CEOs who possess these and other 'right' values get others to trust them almost from the beginning," Christian says. "People naturally want to work for them.
  2. Strong intellectual horsepower. Transformational CEOs can view and think through issues at multiple levels and from multiple perspectives, including those of employees, the community, competitors, future hires, the board and clients or customers. Adds Christian, "They intuitively find critical paths through very complex problems."
  3. Contagious work ethic. Because transformational CEOs create organizations that celebrate successes, they draw others to embrace the leaders' need to continually achieve.
  4. A repeatable model for success. "When you ask these leaders how they've succeeded, they explain by taking a very complicated model and breaking it down into a process that seems simple," Christian says.
  5. A nose for great talent. "Transformational CEOs are excellent talent hounds who rarely need to use recruiters because they have such a strong set of smart, passionate, talented followers that they cultivate and in whom they take great pride" says Dr Janz-- "They have the ability to drill down and recognize the critical components of transformational talent that have taken Jeff and I 25+ years as a scientist and CEO to engineer into a unique assessment of transformational leadership for CEOs and even Presidents".
  6. Acute customer awareness and insight. Transformational CEOs are great marketers who know how to listen to customers and translate their needs into market advantages.
  7. A focus on smart innovation. These leaders challenge their innovation team to come up with new product ideas and solutions based on knowledge gathered from customers. "They look at new products not as ideas but rather things that solve problems and relieve pain for the customer," Christian says.
  8. Financial engineering. Transformational CEOs are experts on how to find growth and attract investment dollars based on their personality and track record. They also are advanced in how they evaluate leading-edge financial tools to find ones that are true values.
  9. A voice for the industry. People begin listening to these leaders within their own companies, Christian says. "Then customers, peers, competitors and the media all recognize their passion and enthusiasm for what they're doing, as well as their deep knowledge of the market. They become the go-to people for market insight and, as a result, create celebrity status for themselves."
  10. Humility. Transformational CEOs are teachable, and they understand the value of creating learning organizations. "Only learning organizations grow," says Christian, "and the only way they can grow is if everyone—including the CEO—knows what they know and what they don't know and is constantly trying to quench the thirst for new knowledge."

In a perfect world, all CEOs would possess these 10 transformational leadership qualities. In the real world, however, not every company can have such a leader at the helm. Every company can achieve rapid revenue growth and corporate transformation, however, with RevenueNOW's proprietary tools that were created based on the characteristics listed above and designed to replicate the effect of having a transformational CEO.

About Jeff Christian

Christian has traveled a transformational path many times. He grew the Christian & Timbers search firm by changing its basis from networking to research. He then created his first funded startups, Sun Foods and Midwest Mopeds; his early talent-centric private equity funds, Technology Ventures and C&T Access Ventures; the early ventures supported by these funds, Endot and ThermaScan; and the foundations that extended his impact beyond the world of commerce, Scholarship in Escrow and the Number 12 Foundation.

Christian's achievements convinced Janz that "We can assemble a team that transforms the way the American public selects and elects the President of the United States in a way that produces a great leader". Great leaders deliver great results.

"When I first met Jeff in 2014, I, as a scientist, I was skeptical that he really could do all he claimed he could do," Janz admits. "I asked him lots of questions, and I received compelling, specific answers and illuminating insights with a laser focus on revenue acceleration at every touch-point in the revenue generation process. Follow the money, leverage each customer contact to understand needs and collect referred leads, show value first and rapidly pivot to deliver consistently astonishing value—this came out again and again. It transformed me, impacting my own tag lines, branding statements, proof of brand and customer focus.

To learn more about Christian and transformational leadership and assessment, visit www.jeffchristian.com.

Jeff Christian
Phone: 216 543 4606

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