Case Studies

Jeff's Past High-End Search Clients

Major Client Successes

  • Built Successful New Executive and C-Suite Retained Search Practice for Major Multi-Million Dollar Contingency Firm
  • Mentored Mid level Search Firm CEO to Top CEO/Board Expert - Sold to PE Firm
  • Built Mid Level Retained Firm to leading CEO/Board Firm
  •  Mentored CEO of Start-Up search firm, now one of the Top 50 Search Firms in the World.

Search Firm Branding Successes

  • Created fastest growing CEO/Board Brand
  •  Built Largest VC/PE New Practice Brand
  • Created over 20 Market Leadership Brands
  •  Designed Multiple Top Retained Revenue Brands/Taglines
  • Built Fastest Growing Executive Search Firm Brand



 Search Firm Rapid Revenue Acceleration Successes

  • Increased Average Fee by over 40% in first Year
  • Implemented Referred Revenue Pipeline increasing new clients by over 30%
  •  Collapsed the Amount of time from Associate to Multi-Million Dollar Billing Partner from 10-15 years down to 3-5
  • Worked with CEO of Major Search Firm discovered underused or non-existent Revenue Accelerators - resulting in increase of 10-15%

Search Firm CEO/C-Suite/Board Practice Successes

  • Built $20 Million mid-level retained Search Firm into $100 Million market leader in CEO/C-Suite/Board search.
  • Designed and built CEO/Board Practice and Brand for $4 Million
  • Launched and Built $15 Million Global CEO/Board practice and Brand
  • Mentored CEO of Mid-Level retained firm, launched CEO/Board strategy, became industry Segment Market Leader
  • Did Steve Jobs last 2 Board Searches


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