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Are you Stuck Working with Mid-level Managers or HR?

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Are you Contingency Recruiter who has struggled to break into  retained search

Jeff's Secrets to Multi-Million Dollar Retained Billing.

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Does Each Year Seems to get harder and harder to Just Get 25% fees?

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Does the Competition seem to have better value added Tools & Assessments

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Do You Lack The Knowledge to Deliver High-End  Retained Executive Search?

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How much time are you wasting on a broken BD strategy? How many "C" suite executives will never call you back? Does your team know that their language is keeping them in the low 6 figures?

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Create a name in retained executive search. Build your own expert brand in the industry.

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Learn the language of top retained billers. and what the "C" Suite responds to.

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Become a master retained "biller". You'll have proven methodologies to build high-level relationships.

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Some of Jeff's High-End Search Clients:

Meet Your Guide: Jeff Christian

Jeff knows what it's like to be stuck on the mid-level hamster wheel because that is where he started. Jeff built his own firm to $100 million in revenue, billed $15 million a year personally. He found CEOs and Board Members for some of the most powerful companies like HP and Apple.

But What he is most proud of, is the lives he has impacted of all those who have started their own high-end retained executive search firm as a result of his mentoring and teachings.

It's Your Time

Don't Stay Stuck in the middle - Get the joy back in your business when you elevate to high-end retained search work!

Win "Shoot-Outs"

Confidence In the "C" Suite

Explosive Revenue

Discover the story behind how Jeff started C&T at 23, and built it into the largest High Tech and CEO/Board Retained Search Firm with The Headhunter's Edge

“If you want to build a successful business, Jeffrey Christian’s book offers the most essential lesson: Invest in the best people and do everything you can to hold on to them.”

—Vinod Khosla

Khosla Ventures

Tom Johnson

CEO of Search Path International

"I have known Jeff for more than 18 years.  Over the years, he has helped me to learn and compete in the executive search market. Jeff is a brilliant and gifted search consultant and a leader in the search and recruiting industry. He is a loyal friend and I highly recommend him."

John Sculley

Ex-CEO Apple

"The things I like most about Jeff is he’s innovative and he gets things done himself. He knows how to work the network and the relationships that he’s built up and I’ve always been so impressed with the quality of people he’s been able to surface"

Simon Clark

Head of Global Talent Acquisition, SoftBank

"Jeff is a business partner who provides outstanding leadership in helping & mentoring our firm to establish & grow its sales, strategic growth plans. The success of our firm [was] partly down to Jeff's contributions. I highly recommend Jeff & team."

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Find out how you can get the wisdom from the very best in industry.

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